Prashant Barbhaya, CEO & Founder

Prashant has 8 years of experience in the fields of Gold Jewellery and Internet Marketing.

A well known figure in the realm of start-ups, he has been an entrepreneur for almost 2 years. He is serving Gold jewellery market as an Jewellery manufacturer for past 2 year. Using his experience to his advantage, in this short span of time he started his Gold jewellery wholesale and retail showrooms in Gujarat.

Prashant believes that dreams can be easily fulfilled and his indomitable spirit is a source of inspiration for the team.

Syntego Web Solution, Technical Partner

Syntego Web Solution tries to minimize the gap between the “Technology” and “People”. It's our job to make our client's' lives as simple as possible. That means taking care of the nitty-gritty when it comes to development, effectively translating your business goals into a technical specification and online strategy.

Syntego Web Solution is a leading India based Web Developement Company focused on delivering the best and most cost-effective solutions. Syntego means exclusive and entire, not just a name, we actually provide exclusive and entire solutions to all your problems. Our expertise lies in reducing costs and improving productivity.

Syntego Web Solution consists of some of the best technically competent brains handpicked and identified from the Indian IT industry. Excellence is what we strive to achieve at all levels. And our talented team of experts keeps no stone unturned as far as creativity and technological expertise is concerned. Everyone here has an unparalleled decisive and assurance to our clients because Client’s satisfaction is our preference.